The Best Cocktails & Love Potions For An Enchanted Wedding!
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Friday, May 05, 2017
By Mendocino Wedding Witch
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Nothing can elevate a wedding quite like the quality of the cocktails. Whether alcoholic or herbal, holding a bubbling glass of deliciousness, makes your guests feel special. At Mendocino Wedding Witch I excel at creating one-of -a-kind Love Potions, Elixirs, & High-End Cocktails. Below are a few of my favorites. If you like these, check out for more recipes. I like to include some non-alcoholic Brews for those who abstain from alcohol. But be warned! The herbal brews pack their own punch and the ingredients are designed to get the libido and the blood aroused!

Berry Me!

Muddled Raspberries & Mint & Lime Wedge

Tablespoon Simple Syrup

One and a Half Ounces of Gin or Vodka

Soda Water

Serve Over Ice

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Rinse Glass With Absinthe

Two Ounces of Brandy

Dash Of Grand Marnier Liqueur

Dash Of Sweet Vermouth

Dash Of Dry Vermouth

Orange Twist

Serve Over Giant Ice Ball

Flaming Matrimony

Muddled Orange Wedge

Two Dashes Bitters

Two Ounces Bourbon

Squeeze Orange Rind & Ignite

Serve Over Giant Ice Ball

Aroused Is Aroused Is Aroused

One Tablespoon Dried Damiana

One Tablespoon Dried Ginseng

Handful Dried Rose Petals

Tablespoon Dried Rose Hips

Orange Zest

Tablespoon Honey

Pinch Salt

Boil Four Cups Water, Pour Over Herbs, Let Steep For Twenty Minutes, & Strain

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