Additional Services


Alternative, Non-Denominational Ceremonies

I will work with you to create a ceremony that resonates with your belief system. We will incorporate traditions such as drumming, smudging, invocations, prayer, chanting, honoring, gratitude or anything that feels authentic for you and your partner. We will create a powerful harmonic intention that will bless and elevate the union that we are celebrating


Officiating & Custom Vow Creation

  • Assistance in creating one-of-a-kind vows that perfectly express the love that is unique to you and your chosen one
  • Officiating of your wedding with powerful intention and clarity
  • Filing of your marriage license with the state of California


 Custom Wedding Packages

Create your own package tailored to your needs, vision, and budget


Mendocino Venue and Ceremony Site Tour

Three hour guided tour through Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Little River, and Elk to view the best sites Mendocino Coast has to offer to fit your budget


Bar In A Box

This service is guaranteed to impress! The bar can be set up at any of the ceremony sites so that your guest can enjoy a craft cocktail or non-alcoholic elixir as they arrive.This eclectic service will titillate your guests and elevate your wedding or event

  • 2 specialty craft cocktails or herbal elixirs designed to represent the brides/grooms/party hosts
  • Creative drink names that reflect the clients or event
  • Handmade wooden bar with tools, glassware and equipment
  • Bartender available for up to 6 hours
  • Unique & eclectic simple syrups, garnishes, and infusions, for that extra WOW! factor
  • Custom Ice cubes of varying shapes and sizes and infused with herbs & fruits & berries

sample recipes here

Alcohol is not included with this service and must be provided by the client



To reserve my services or to find out more about what I offer and my pricing, email me at and I will respond within 48 hours