Tuesday, September 15, 2020
By Mendocino Wedding Witch
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For every situation there is a corresponding potion.

If you feel love beckoning but haven't seen it manifest in your life yet, it might be time to utilize some magic.

Conjure up some extra juiciness in the bedroom by boosting your powers of seduction. Facilitate abundance in finances, love, and property. Connect with your inner God/Goddess.

Whichever situation is demanding attention, a personally tailored love potion can shoot an arrow directly at the crux of the matter.

The most important ingredient that you can add to a potion is intention.

The material ingredients are secondary.

Some potions are ingested, such as a love potion.... Others are rubbed slowly into the skin, especially when seduction is one of the ingredients.

Each potion has a corresponding ritual that amplifies it's potency.

A powerful potion can be brewed for oneself but the most effective and delicious potions are the ones we make for one another.

Incorporate all of the elements into your potion....

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

When making or utilizing a potion, dress as if it is a first date, an interview, a night on the dance floor.

Trim, shave, cleanse and scent yourself accordingly. Wear cloths and jewelry that make you feel, slinky, sexy, powerful, and 100% serious about the task at hand.

Get really clear with your energy.


Thursday, July 06, 2017
By Mendocino Wedding Witch
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A good wedding is fun and celebratory and comes off without a hitch. A great wedding opens hearts and leaves a lasting impression on your guests and is remembered for the rest of their days.

Vendors are one of the biggest factors that go into creating an amazing wedding.Your caterer, the band or DJ, the flowers, Decor, and your wedding coordinator will all have a huge impact on the cohesion and ambiance of your Big Day.

Most vendors are busy all season long. They are attending and working wedding after wedding. How can you make yourself shine in your vendors eyes, insuring their loyalty and top quality services? Here are my best tips for encouraging vendors and creating a cohesive team with one goal: pulling off the best wedding ever!

1. Choose Your Vendors CAREFULLY...

This is where planning ahead is invaluable. The shorter amount of time you leave yourself to plan your wedding, the more limited your choices of vendors and venues are. The best vendors have spent time building their businesses and reputations and they are snatched up early.

It is very helpful to hire a wedding planner. They know which vendors are reliable and which ones don't really come through with what they promise. A good wedding planner has developed successful working relationships with local vendors that they know they can rely on. Choose a wedding planner who takes time for you, who communicates clearly with you, who is transparent in the breakdown of their fee and retainer, and who you get along with on a personal level as you will be working closely together in a high-stress situation.

2. Be Clear In Your Vision...

Spend some time getting really clear on how you want your wedding to unfold, what the key elements of your wedding will be, and what constitutes the main feelings that you want to instill in your wedding guests.

Come up with a Mission Statement for your special day and share it with your vendors and all pertinent wedding party members. The Clearer your vision is, the more accurately your vendors can fulfill your wishes.

3. Communicate With Your Vendors On A Regular Basis...

Keep the lines of communication clear and open. Do not inundate your vendors with meaningless chitchat, because they are crazy busy and chances are, so are you! But continue to keep them apprised of pertinent information.

Communicating clearly and effectively also build a trusting and cooperative relationship so that you can function as a well-oiled machine when crunch time arrives.

Show your caterer a few pinterest pictures of food that inspires you, give your DJ a small sample of your favorite music, let your florist know which are your favorite flowers and what colors you are partial to. If anything major in your wedding changes, get your vendors on board immediately.

Nowhere is this more essential than with your wedding coordinator. Often your coordinator is the mediator between you and the other vendors so communicate often and with clarity. Your wedding coordinator wants to be helpful and you can make the most out of that by including him/her in your progress, thoughts, and decisions.

4. Listen To The Professionals...

Listen to your vendors! They KNOW what they are talking about. If they tell you something is not feasible, it's not feasible. If your coordinator says you must make a decision on a venue or they will all be booked... make a decision! Your vendors have been working in the wedding industry and know intimately what works and what doesn't. If you listen to the information that they offer and are respectful of their expertise, you will reap the benefits of a successful and beautiful wedding day.

5. Lead With Your Heart...

This day is after all about love. Personalize your connection to your vendors and staff. Create your team. You can do this with simple kindness, respect, and care. People work harder and with greater attention and joy for those that they feel a caring connection to. Your vendors are hard-working, salt of the earth people and the success of your wedding rests largely in their hands. Set aside room in your budget for generously tipping the staff that has worked so diligently to keep the event running smoothly. Treat every one of them, from the dishwasher to the caterer, to the bussperson to the coordinator with an open heart and a kind attitude and watch your day blossom with goodwill and a joyful spirit.


Friday, June 30, 2017
By Mendocino Wedding Witch
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You're getting married and you've chosen your location: beautiful Mendocino! Here are Mendocino Wedding Witch's best suggestions for getting hitched without a hitch...

1. Choose A Venue EARLY!!!

Mendocino is a very popular wedding destination and ceremony sites and reception venues get reserved quickly. If you don't book your preferred location 4 to 6 months in advance, you may find yourself scrambling for the less disirable venues.

2. Hire a Wedding Coordinator.

It may sound self-promoting but trust me, you will actually end up saving money if you hire a professional who knows the in and outs of the industry, has connections to local vendors, and has access to information and deals specific to the local community. To book my services go to mendocinoweddingwitch.com


3. Create A Mission Statement or Vision Paragraph For Your Wedding Day.

This is a statement or paragraph that hones in on the main focus of how you want your day to unfold. Think of it as manifesting your dream. The more clearly you set your intention for your special day, the more powerfully your vision will transform in to reality. Share this information with your wedding coordinator, pertinent vendors, and family members.

4. Create A Budget.

Most couples underestimate their budget by as much as 40%. Creating a breakdown of how much you are willing to spend in specific areas and doing the footwork to see what vendors charge is essential to staying on track. This is where a good wedding coordinator can earn their fee in multiples! Your coordinator will have good idea of how much you will need to spend on catering, venues, music, etc... as well as offering you options in varying price ranges. Always expect to spend more than you planned for.

5. Expect The Unexpected.

Life always throws a curve ball, that you can count on. A rainstorm, a sick bridesmaid, a noise complaint from a neighbor, an overly drunk guest... all these things and more can add the final straw to an already stressful day. Remember what you are there for: To celebrate your love for one another and to rejoice with family and friends. Don't sweat the small stuff, delegate where possible, take deep breaths, and remember to focus on your blessings.

Monday, June 26, 2017
By Mendocino Wedding Witch
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Your wedding day has arrived. You are busy, busy, busy! You have performance anxiety, you are stressed with so many details to iron out, you get overly excited, and you feel a headache coming on... Before you turn to alcohol or pharmaceuticals, both of which alter your mood and impair your brain, let me suggest a way to reinvigorate your body, mind, and spirit and support the mood of the day, which after all is all about LOVE!

Studies have shown that HERBS are just as effective as prescription anti-anxiety medication in reducing stress, calming the nervous system, softening irritability, and alleviating agitation. All this, AND herbs are RESTORATIVE. That means that they enhance your vitality and health rather than depleting you and leaving you worse off than before or sloppy like alcohol and pills.


Rosemary is very invigorating. Just inhaling the scent from a crushed sprig can ease tension, relieve headaches, and provide clarity and focus. It is also delicious steeped in boiling water and sipped. As you walk around the town of Mendocino in the days leading up to your wedding, you will find this herb literally growing in the streets.



Lavender loves Mendocino and grows everywhere here. The beautiful purple flowers make unique and aromatic table bouquets for your rehearsal dinner or reception. Lavender reduces the stress hormone cortisol, promotes relaxation, and eases pain. Is is delicious to inhale or imbibed in a fresh tea. Experiment with dabbing a few drops of lavender essential oil onto the inside skin of both wrists.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm has been shown to lower stress, induce a calmed state of mind, and even help people to improve at doing math problems! Perfect for a wedding day filled to the brim with stimulation and problem solving. This herb grows amazingly well in Mendocino.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower is the perfect herb to imbibe on your wedding day! Steeped in a tea or by herbal extract, this wonderful flower calms the mind, reduces anxiety, and promotes a feeling of calm well being. You can walk toward your beloved filled with strength, serenity, and passion!


Just looking at the golden glowing chamomile flower hints at the sunny disposition that this beneficial and delicious herb helps to promote. Not only does it relax muscles and relieve anxiety, but chamomile helps healthy digestion. Wedding day nerves are notorious for messing with stomachs and literally causing belly aches. Drink some chamomile tea and relax your insides so you can shine through and through.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
By Mendocino Wedding Witch
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When you're ready to pop the question and propose to the woman that you love, Mendocino is the perfect place to do it. Wherever you are, there are a few extra steps that you should take to insure that romance and passion rule the outcome! An Engagement only happens once so make it perfect. This is your chance to dazzle your woman and make her feel special in that way that only you do. Here are some basic tips for making sure she never forgets this moment.

Location, Location, Location! Make sure you choose a beautiful romantic setting. Better yet, take a mini vacation and take some time to set the scene. Sometimes it's worth it to hire a professional to take care of all the details, insure an element of surprise, and to bring together the perfect moment. Check out Mendocino Wedding Witch's Proposal Service for some great ideas.

Roses! Nothing shoots an arrow straight to the heart of romance like roses. Do not hesitate or worry about being over the top, Go for it and get 2 dozen!

Champagne! Nothing says celebration like bubbles! If you don't drink alcohol, substitute another festive non-alcoholic spritzer. Check out Mendocino Wedding Witch recipes for non-alcoholic elixirs.

Chocolate covered strawberries scream steamy romance! Serve up these delicious nuggets and you are sure to reap some big rewards... Romance is in the air!

The Ring! Don't forget the ring!