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Tuesday, September 15, 2020
By Mendocino Wedding Witch
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For every situation there is a corresponding potion.

If you feel love beckoning but haven't seen it manifest in your life yet, it might be time to utilize some magic.

Conjure up some extra juiciness in the bedroom by boosting your powers of seduction. Facilitate abundance in finances, love, and property. Connect with your inner God/Goddess.

Whichever situation is demanding attention, a personally tailored love potion can shoot an arrow directly at the crux of the matter.

The most important ingredient that you can add to a potion is intention.

The material ingredients are secondary.

Some potions are ingested, such as a love potion.... Others are rubbed slowly into the skin, especially when seduction is one of the ingredients.

Each potion has a corresponding ritual that amplifies it's potency.

A powerful potion can be brewed for oneself but the most effective and delicious potions are the ones we make for one another.

Incorporate all of the elements into your potion....

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

When making or utilizing a potion, dress as if it is a first date, an interview, a night on the dance floor.

Trim, shave, cleanse and scent yourself accordingly. Wear cloths and jewelry that make you feel, slinky, sexy, powerful, and 100% serious about the task at hand.

Get really clear with your energy.