The Five Sexiest Ways To Get Married In Mendocino!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
By Mendocino Wedding Witch
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Getting Married is sexy right? Getting married in one of the most astoundingly beautiful and romantic places on earth is downright orgasmic! Mendocino is that place. And here are the top sexiest ways to say I do! in this stunning California coastal town...

In the rain!!!

On the Mendocino coast you never know what the weather will bring... torrential rain in March, fog in summer, the winds of spring? As a rule, our best time of the year, weather-wise, is late spring and the fall months. However as I write this, in mid February, we have had day after day of glorious sun. So these days, anything goes!

Whatever it is, roll with it! Fog is mystical and magical. Rain can be romantic. Buy everybody inexpensive matching umbrellas and you have a unique and unforgettable photo op. The most important element of the day is LOVE and the more love, the more joy! And THAT is what you will remember.


In the woods!!!

Most people getting married in Mendocino choose this location for our stunning bluffs and ocean views however, the towering redwood trees, cypress, eucalyptus, and fir are majestic and inspiring. There are benefits to holding your ceremony in the protective branches of the coastal forest... Less wind whipping everything into a frenzy, a warmer climate (the coast can get surprisingly chilly, even on sunny days), and less tourists observing or interrupting your gathering. There are several prime wedding locations scattered throughout Mendocino County. There is no better way to honor your union than to be in the presence of these ancient sentinels. The rustling leaves and delicious aroma of the forest floor are the perfect accompaniment to your vows...

Farm Style!!!

There are some amazing and historical farms scattered throughout Mendocino County. Some are nestled in in the rolling hills of wine country and others are just off the Mendocino coast. These are some of the sweetest locations for creating a story or feeling to accompany your wedding weekend. There is something homey and nostalgic about being married on a farmstead. Some great local companies even provide glamping for your guests that can truly exceed the comfort and style of more conventional accommodations. Add apples, goats, and haystacks to your repertoire and you are ready to say "Yeeehaw!"

Alternative Ceremony!!!

Mendocino has long been known for its community of activists, artists, hippies, weirdos, and freaks. In other words it is a safe haven for PEOPLE... People of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Whatever your background, country of origin, choice of lover and life partner, spirituality, or gender, you are welcome here with open arms. Come celebrate your own unique union surrounded by loved ones and immersed in a community of tolerance and compassion.

On the Bluffs!!!

Quintessential Mendocino. There is nothing more stunning than declaring your vows to your beloved against a backdrop of sparkling wild waves. Mendocino has an endless supply of gorgeous wedding sites, specifically designed by nature, to inspire love, reverence, and power. There are so many bluffs to choose from... wide open, nestled amongst cypress groves, or manicured lawns... each more beautiful than the next. I do! I do! I do!

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